Partner Visa (820 visa) requirements in Australia.

Partner Visa (820 visa) requirements in Australia.

Partner Visa is available in various forms, such as temporary and permanent. When you are planning to settle with your partner in Australia, then you will be applying for the Visa in two stages; in the first stage, you will be granted a temporary visa (820 visa). Then after spending two years in the country, you will be applying for the permanent visa (801 visa). Once, it is granted you can stay with your partner in Australia, on a permanent basis.

Partner Visa or the 820 visa is known to be the onshore visa, which means, when you are applying for this visa, you must be in Australia. Even, when it is granted, you must be in this country. There is another type of partner visa known as the offshore application, for which you need to be outside Australia, while applying. With these visas, you will be allowed to work or study in Australia. You can also enroll for medical benefit schemes from the government.

The first eligibility criterion to apply for a Partner Visa is that you must be either in a de facto relationship with your partner or married to him. Your partner will be the sponsor for this visa, and he must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen.The other eligibility criteria for both the partner visas are same.

1. You and your partner (sponsor) must be 18 years old or above.

2. Yours must be a genuine and committed relationship. In the case of a de facto relationship, you and your partner must be in a relationship, for 12 months, before you apply for the visa.

3. Evidences that prove your relationship play a crucial role in your visa approval. More strong and genuine your evidences are, quicker is your visa processing.

4. You must show that your relationship is continuing; and, if there was any separation prior, must prove that it was temporary.

5. Health and Character requirements as per the Australian migration laws must be met.